Make it personal

Custom quilts

I can make beautiful, warm and uniquely personal quilts on your behalf. My handmade service can create memory quilts from clothing and other fabrics that mean a lot to you. I can also work with you to design a bespoke quilt from your choice of quilting cottons and drawing on a range of modern patterns. 

Personal tuition

If you can't make a workshop, or would like a little support with a specific project, I can offer personal tuition to suit you. Available for £30 per hour, personal tuition can be tailored to an individual or a small group. 

Quilts aren’t just fancy blankets. They’re the embodiment of comfort, the feeling of family and home, and they hold so much sentiment, memory and emotion. They aren’t meant to be trendy, they’re meant to last a lifetime. A quilt is more than just functional. It’s art and history and culture and family and home. And it just happens to keep you warm too.
— Laura,